Custom Card Holder

With RFID blocking to protect against card skimming.

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What is the Custom Card Holder?

The Custom Card Holder allows you easy access to all your cards while securely storing them to protect your privacy. The built-in RFID lock protects your cards from electronic pickpocketing.

The Spy-Fy® Custom Card Holder is the stylish solution against card skimming. It is made of high-quality Italian leather fit around a metal case. The handy “Quick Pay System” compartment quickly unfolds so you can access your most frequently-used card whenever you need it. With one simple slide of the button on the bottom, you can swiftly and conveniently pull out all your other cards. This card holder wallet has space for 7+1 cards and is available with or without the coin pocket.

Show your off your brand with this beautiful privacy giveaway.

Why use Spy-Fy’s Custom Card Holder?

  • Space for 8 cards (7 inside + 1 in the Quick Pay compartment)
  • Made of high-quality Italian leather fit around a metal case
  • “Quick Pay System” compartment for easy access to your most-used card
  • RFID & NFC blocking, anti-card skimming/electronic pickpocketing
  • Elegant Dutch design
  • Customized with your logo pressed into the leather

Put your logo on our Custom Card Holder!

The Custom Card Holder can be branded with any logo; the logo is pressed into the leather by means of a unique stamping technique. This technique  prevents the logo from fading. This ensures that your brand will stay visible on this luxury giveaway.

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Custom Card Holder With or Without a Coin Pocket

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Price Overview

Quantity Without Coin Pocket With Coin Pocket
50 $30,95 $33,85
100 $25,80 $28,70
250 $22,95 $26,40
500 $21,80 $25,30
1000 $20,65 $23,95

* Prices above include the process for pressing the logo into the leather.
* Prices above include packaging.

Verifizierte Bewertung durch Kiyoh™:

Super praktische Gadgets für die heutige digitale Zeit

Habe mir das Privacy Kit von Spy Fy geholt und bin sehr zufrieden mit der Qualität. Man kann die Gadgets for allem aktuell im Home Office gebrauchen.
- Berlin

Gute Geschäftsbeziehung

Wir haben immer gute Erfahrungen mit Spy-Fy gemacht, sowohl mit Daniel als auch mit Wesley. Wir haben jetzt dreimal Webcam-Abdeckung mit logo und einmal 'privacy kits' gekauft. Immer gute Kommunikation und zufrieden mit dem Ergebnis!

Antwort des Unternehmens

Liebe Janna, Danke für die positive Bewertung!

- Bielefeld