Privacy kit with your logo

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What is the Privacy Kit?

The Privacy Kit is a luxury gift box that contains 3 essential products to protect the digital privacy of your employees and clients. All to be fully customised with your logo!

A wonderful privacy give-away with strong brand exposure.

What’s in the Privacy Kit?

  • Webcam Cover: With this handy webcam slider, you have control over what you want to share. A practical and elegant solution against webcam espionage.
  • USB Data Blocker: This USB connector blocks unauthorized data transfer. Charge your phone and tablet safely while using public charging stations.
  • RFID Blocking Card: Protect all your cards against wireless theft and manipulation. Place the RFID Blocking Card in your wallet and feel more secure.
  • Information Brochure: After following the steps of this simple and straightforward instruction manual, your privacy gadgets will be ready to go in under a minute.

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Price overview

100€ 22.95
250€ 13.95
500€ 9.85
1,000€ 7.75
2,500€ 6.85
5,000€ 6.35
10,000€ 5.95
>10,000on request

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Custom USB Data Blocker

  • Blocks unauthorized data gransfers when charging your phone or tablet
  • Includes customixed business card
  • Multiple USB options (A-A, A-C, C-A, C-C)

Custom credit card wallet

  • Space for up to 8 cards
  • High-quality Italian leather with a metal case
  • RFID & NFC blocking, anti-card skimming
  • With your logo pressed into the leater

Custom webcam cover

  • Delivery within 5 to 15 business days
  • Free design assistance
  • Includes personalised business card